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Medical spas have very specific needs when it comes to documentation and recording results. The team at InetPortals has been developing documentation solutions for the medical spa industry since 2004 and the cumulative result of that experience is InetPortals E-Records.

Easy to use. Safe. Secure. HIPAA-Compliant. And affordable, too!

How easy could it really be?
Very easy. We already have an extensive database of forms that you can use as part of InetPortals Enterprise software. Simply select the forms that you wish to use as part of your system and they'll be available for each new chart you create. It's that simple.

It's easy to use, too. Access client or patient documents and photos from your client information screen. Then you can select the needed forms from your personal list and immediately enter, edit or review their information.

Can it be both web-based and secure?
Absolutely. The only people who can access your records are the people you authorize. In geek-speak, our systems use 128-bit encryption for electronic transactions. For the rest of us, that means your document storage solution is HIPAA compliant. Your business, your data, your privacy is safe and secure.
InetPortals delivers all of this, and affordability, too?
With INET Portals E-Records, you will save time and space and money. Who can't a.ord to do that?

Time: Access charts and forms without having to leave your desk, or, for that matter, your home. No need to commute to the o.ce to review a document or enter notes.

Space: Eliminate the need for massive, ugly, space-eating .le storage cabinets freeing valuable square footage for other uses.

Money:Typical electronic records solutions (known as EMR, in the medical world) can cost $50,000 or more. This makes INET Portals E-Records, at a fraction of that cost, much more a.ffordable. Plus, we o.ffer your business all of the benefi.ts of a centralized document storage and back-up solution, without the expensive IT infrastructure or support staff. to run it.

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