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Ever feel like your marketing budget is just burning up your company's profits? Google Ad Words, newspaper ads, television, radio, billboards, online banner ads, trade shows, Facebook ads, business networking groups - the list of places where you can spend money seems endless. With so many marketing opportunities available today, it's difficult to know which outlets will or won't work for your company.

Tracking. Tracking. Tracking.
If you're like most of our clients, you know that there are no guarantees in marketing. You'll have to experiment with different media and strategies to find the right mixture of outlets that work best for your company and local demographics. But how will you know if your campaigns are generating more than they cost, or which campaigns are the most effective lead generators? In a word, tracking.

Easy as 1-2-3
With InetPortals medical spa software, tracking your marketing investment is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Set up your marketing campaign in the system.
2. Assign your new leads to the correct campaign when they are entered.
3. Convert your leads to clients.

It's that simple. The tracking begins as soon as a lead is entered in your system. If your lead becomes a customer, simply convert that lead to a client in your system (no need to re-enter their information) and anything they purchase will be tracked according to their assigned campaign.

Get the answers you need in a few clicks.
We all know the drill. Your advertising rep calls you in the middle of your busy work day with a new discounted marketing opportunity, but there's a need to tell them whether you're interested by the end of the day when the deal expires. Why not give them that answer now?

With InetPortals Marketing Manager, you can run a campaign report and in seconds you'll know how well your rep's "marketing opportunity" worked for you last time. The industry term for this is Return On Investment, or R.O.I. See how many leads you generated, how many conversions you had, and the cost and revenue per lead. Here's a hint, if the number in the revenue column is red, you may want redirect your marketing investment!

Loaded with helpful features.
One reason that InetPortals is the leader in medical spa software is its versatility. Inside the InetPortals Marketing Manager are a whole host of valuable features that don't just help you track R.O.I., they keep your sales staff focused on converting your fresh leads to clients before they become stale. the shelf life of a typical lead in the medical spa industry is roughly three weeks.

Follow-up is crucial.
First thing you need to do is get the leads in your hands. But this is only part of the equation. How (and when) your staff follows-up with your leads is the difference between a campaign's success and failure. With InetPortals, you will know when the leads were entered, when they were contacted, and if they were properly persued. Your sales staff can even set reminders in the system so that they will remember to call your leads back at the most convenient time.

Call your InetPortals medical spa software advisor today to set up a webinar or a personal demonstration and see for yourself how this powerful tool can help you get the most out of your marketing investment.

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